Why Choose Us?

Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time

To be able to have an impact on someone’s life is both a gift and a tremendous responsibility. Our patients trust us to treat them with the utmost care and respect, and our mission is to live beyond those expectations by constantly improving everything that we do. 

Morejón + Andrews Orthodontics has been a part of the Volusia County landscape for 25 years, and our doctors are invested members of the community. Volusia County may be small, but we believe that our community deserves the highest level of orthodontic specialty care possible. Our office is custom designed to deliver cutting-edge orthodontics in a warm, friendly, comfortable environment. 

Advanced Techniques

Orthodontics is constantly changing, with new techniques and treatments being developed at a rapid pace. Our doctors regularly update their training with continuing education courses to stay abreast of the latest techniques. This allows us to offer newer techniques that make your treatments faster and better. We also believe that technology has changed and will continue to change the practice of orthodontics for the better. We invest in the latest digital technologies — X-ray, 3D scanners, and photography — to optimize your treatment experience and results. 

A Cohesive Team

Our team is warm, friendly, and full of people-oriented individuals. We understand that we are not simply creating amazing smiles, but also caring for real people. Getting the smile you want requires more than just a skilled orthodontist. An amazing administrative crew is behind the scenes to support the clinical team. Scheduling, financial, and treatment coordination experts are here to help, whether you need appointments, flexible financial arrangements, or assistance in coordinating care with your dentist.

“Dr. Liz” Morejón, “Dr. Amy” Andrews, and our team would love to support you on your journey to a new smile and a new you!

Because “good” isn’t good enough.

The minute you contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation, you’ll discover we’re a different kind of orthodontic practice: Our focus is always on you.

  • Communication: We’ll strive from our first conversation to build open lines of communication. We’re here to serve you and want to exceed your expectations at every turn. If there’s ever anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Comfort: We’ve created a welcoming, friendly environment where you’ll feel at home. Our treatment area is open and includes visitor chairs so parents can be with their children. In addition, we use advanced techniques and technology, which ensures the most accurate diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment, along with the most incredible results.
  • Respect: We recognize that each patient has his or her own timeline and financial situation. During your consultation, we’ll ask about your concerns and consider them when designing your plan. We’re also highly aware of your busy life. We strive to run on time, always schedule plenty of time for each visit, and promise you’ll never feel rushed.
  • Education: Making the decision to have orthodontic care is choosing to make a lasting, positive change in your life. Focusing on your unique clinical and personal concerns, Dr. Liz and Dr. Amy will help you understand all your orthodontic options whether it's braces or Invisalign, and as dentists, we will also help you understand any dental and periodontal procedures that can enhance your smile. We’ll review the proposed care with you, so you’re able to make an informed decision about your future smile!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

At Morejón + Andrews Orthodontics, our mission is to exceed our patients’ expectations by constantly improving what we do. We’d love to show you how different we truly are. Please contact our Ormond Beach or Palm Coast, FL orthodontic office to schedule a complimentary consultation today!