PROPEL Orthodontics

Once you start treatment, you are going to be so excited to see the results. The problem is that getting to that point can take many months, even years. While the wait is worth it, it would be nice to speed things up a bit. Well, with the help of PROPEL, you can.


PROPEL speeds up the treatment process by using your own biology to get things moving. It stimulates the bone around your teeth, which allows the ligaments holding the teeth in place to loosen and, ultimately, the teeth to move at a greater speed than without the use of PROPEL.

The Ease of PROPEL

We can complete the PROPEL procedure right here in our own office. There is nothing invasive needed, and certainly no surgical procedures. PROPEL is highly comfortable and requires no recovery time. Once it is done, you go right back to life as usual.

Who Can Use PROPEL?

PROPEL can be used by about 80 percent of all orthodontic patients. It is indicated for all treatment types, including TADs, braces, and aligners. To find out if it is right for you, schedule your consultation.