Meet Dr. Amy Andrews

As an orthodontist, I know that a great smile is the universal sign of happiness. I am so glad to be able to provide this to my patients. I love catering to the aesthetic and functional needs of children, teenagers, and adults, and enjoy participating in multi-disciplinary treatment of complex cases.

Orthodontics is a fun and fulfilling profession. Each person is different, exciting, and sometimes a puzzle I get to figure out. I get to plan and design life-changing smiles, using my detail-oriented personality to make sure everything is perfect! The day we get to “uncover” a patient’s smile, and they see the results of their hard work, is exciting and extremely rewarding.

Growing up, I had an amazing dentist. The care and respect he showed each patient made a lasting impression and led me to want to help people in the same way. However, it wasn’t until dental school that I realized I wanted to practice orthodontics.

My life is enriched, personally and professionally, through the patients I meet. I love becoming part of so many wonderful people’s lives, and learning about them and their families. I am honored by the trust a patient places in me, as people seek to improve their oral health and smile.

I am so thankful to be working in my dream profession and am excited to witness many first smiles!

Education and Continuing Education

I am active in multiple orthodontic study groups composed of orthodontists across the country. These groups allow me to gain and share clinical and business information with other professionals. They also keep me up to date on the newest and best technology and techniques to help patients, which ensures the most efficient treatment and incredible results.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

I am a native Floridian, born and raised in Titusville, FL. My adventure seeking husband Trey is my lifetime love. My daughter Nora was born October 2018 and I don't know how we lived life without her.

My loves are listening to and singing along with music, and I love doing Yoga! If this whole orthodontics thing doesn't work out, you can probably find me teaching at the local Yoga studio. My secret super power is that I am an expert at choosing good fruit!