Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.

  • This Ormond Orthodontic Smile was created in about 18 months using an expander and traditional braces.

  • This Ormond Orthodontics Smile was created in two phases with an expander, braces, and Forsus™ bite correction springs. Doing braces in two phases is sometimes preferable to take advantage of growth spurts.

  • This Ormond Orthodontics Smile was created using In-Ovation® R self-ligating braces. The patient’s deep bite and crowding was corrected to produce a beautiful result!

  • This Ormond Orthodontics Smile was created using Invisalign® aligners in just over 18 months. Crossbites can be difficult to correct, but this patient was very compliant with the aligners and achieved a great result!

  • This is an excellent example of what finger habits do to remodel the bone and move the teeth. We created this Ormond Orthodontics Smile by first placing an expander with a habit appliance and later placing braces. Overall treatment time was two years.

  • This Ormond Orthodontics Smile started with a deep overbite and a large overjet, but finished beautifully! It was created in two years with a combination of an expander, braces, and elastics.

  • This Ormond Orthodontics Smile is a classic example of when removal of teeth is necessary for the best result. This patient’s cuspid was completely blocked out. We had two upper premolars removed and placed braces for less than two years.